Gobillard Rosé for Valentines Day


Half-Term is where travel firms lamp up their prices; St-Valentine’s Day is when florists triple the price of red roses…en avance, we however are offering our most regular House Rosé Champagne at a wee discount. Sporting the new “Essex label”, that is a vivid and garish pink label but rest assured, the contents are pale, subtle and refined.


J.M.Gobillard & Fils Grande Réserve Rosé Champagne,


usually £ 29.50 – Valentine offer at £ 27.00 per Bottle


Silly Season:


Dry January / Wet February. After zero alcohol, the first casualty of January tends to be fitness regime. Not (this time) a fad for me as I began well into last year. Nonetheless a fairly stock reaction. Emerging from Hyde Park having run my 4-5-6 km, and as pink as a piglet, and as sweaty as a, pig I am thrown “well how do you feel?”. I respond that my feet are aching, my shins, my calf muscles, my knees ain’t so good, my thighs feel like concrete blocks, my breathing and I am merely halfway to the aches and creaks and pains. Yet they respond “yes, of course but HOW DO YOU feel?” Ruddy awful, didn’t you understand first time?! They do say no pain, no gain. Judgement reserved. Still, my 6.75km are truly pathetic when I look at Luke and Jamie who have recently succeeded in becoming the youngest pair to row the Atlantic. 54 days to row some 3,000 nautical miles. A staggering achievement for these two green 21 year olds. Any successful bid on the Imperial ofChâteau Brande-Bergère 2010 (retail value - £ 160.00) please remember I will donate in full to Breast Cancer Care,so do wing me any suggestion or offer on this.


(£ 307,180.00 raised thus far)





Well, there is one City in Europe where the police women actually wear high heels. Have a guess. Not going to be Switzerland on ice, or Germany, or those Dutch on their cobblestones. You guessed it, Italy. And yup, the style Capital, Milan. I think Michael Caine would have gotten clean away with it.


Tube Strike. Guessing that Bob Crowe is back from sun-burning himself in Rio. Not sure the ins & outs of this strike but as a double Oyster card carrying member of the great British Public Transport system I do use the underground most days. Call me old-fashioned, hardly anything else, yet I like having actual humans at the ticket office. I imagine the wealth of foreign tourists we host would also prefer a human than a metal box in a foreign language. Annoying though the strike is and it’ll effect me this afternoon I still want to see and deal with humans wherever possible.


            I did go and see “American Hustle” yesterday but as “Tom of West Sussex” has already commented that I mentioned Films two out of two, I’ll have to leave you guessing on the highs, the lows, and the permed hairdo’s.