Think Big : Bordeaux Double Magnums

Amazing that just a few short kilometres jog this gorgeous morning and how many famous sites one can encompass: Kensington Palace; Albert Hall & Memorial; Wellington Arch; Buckingham Palace; the Commonwealth Memorial; the smell of kippers from the kitchens of The Ritz Hotel, Bomber Command Memorial; and the sun angled low across the finally blue waters of the Serpentine. Almost enough to inspire one to a Provencal Rosé. Almost. Call me a bloke though so instead, tea and toast and thoughts of Double Magnums of entwined Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot…


Most of you should know our effective House Claret, Chateau Brande-Bergère “Cuvée O’Byrne”. Admittedly a few pounds north of most competitors House Claret, yet unashamedly, in our view, two to three times the wine of what tends to fall into this category, so at £ 15.00 a bottle for the quality is almost a steal. We have for a few years had a small run of 6 litre Imperials produced for us. Now and unfortunately at even greater pro-rata cost we are having for the first time bottled, but arguably more practical, Double Magnums. The 2012 tasted recently at the famed Château Cheval-Blanc in nearby St-Émilion, they kindly said that in a blind tasting it would beat several "Cru Classé"! So later this year we will be shipping a small but exclusive run of Double Magnums.



Chateau Brande-Bergère “Cuvée O’Byrne” 2012 in Double Magnums at £ 95.00 each


It might be prudent to put your name to one or more of these now and if you do, we will stick to the price, whatever Little Osborne raises the Excise Duty to shortly.





Australian Shiraz Tasting (including Penfolds Grange)


Wednesday, 12th March (6pm)


Central London Wine Society,

Civil Service Club,

13-15, Great Scotland Yard,

London SW1A 2HJ


A few places (at £ 35 each) available so please telephone Paul Mappleback on 0208 866 9314.





Silly Season:


If Matthew McConaughey wins the Best Actor Oscar it will be grossly unfair on Chiwetel Ejiofor. If Chiwetel Ejiofor wins the Best Actor Oscar it will be grossly unfair on Matthew McConaughey. Flip a coin. Just hope the winner at least acknowledges the across the board class and not just their own friends.


So post Concorde we seem to be going backwards. Much like my bug bear: infuriatingly slow DVD Players! Nonetheless, we might be about to go to New York again in half the time or less but this time in a plane with, get this, no windows. No windows at all. Amazingly enough, a certain wee logic: But would you trust a computer game, in effect, to get you safely to NYC?


            Well I am the last person that could be called Street but even I would shy away from taking a recommendation from the Times or Telegraph pop critic. I have been disappointed too many times before. However, with the speed and ease of Spotify I gunned my way through a shortlist and it threw up 2-3 notables. Pick of which is Say Lou Lou and the following two tracks: “Julian” and “Better in the dark”. I don’t care how much post production help, a voice I could happily marry!


            Two posh boys in a boat – next week and the current £ 200 bid for the Imperial is by an Aussie customer so having been thumped us in the ill-timed Ashes Tour, are we going to let the Aussies pip us to this one as well?!! Come on boys, put your oar in.



Oscar Ceremony:


Men always want to be a woman’s first love. Women like to be a man’s last romance.


Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.


There are only two tragedies in life: not getting what you want and the other is getting it.


To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.


I dislike arguments of any kind. They are always vulgar and often convincing.


When people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.


I sometimes think that God in creating man overestimated his ability.


Rugby is a good occasion for keeping 30 bullies far from the Centre of the City.


We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.


The exquisite art of idleness, one of the most important things any university can teach.




Next week:


After a barrage of Oscar Wilde the other nominees;

WW1 & Blackadder


Oh and on the wine front –

Piedmont (Nebbiolo & Barbaresco) & a hit-list of London Restaurants that indulge us with “corkage”.



Tuggy Meyer