After a quiet fortnight a bit of wine news. Save for some odd bottles on the shelf we are out of the Côtes-du-Rhône 2010 by Guigal but good news is that yesterday I have just secured a further 90 cases. Yup, 90. The only downside is that they have cost us a touch more so the shelf price continues to be £ 12.50 and on a short margin we can’t offer large case order discounts.


Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge 2010 É.Guigal at £ 12.50 per Bottle

(Currently being shipped)




In today from our Bond now appears to be our last 72 Bottles of Jean Daneel’s world-class “Signature” Chenin Blanc. We have several fans of this wine so I would urge those regulars to snaffle a half-case or more before we move onto the next Vintage in a few months’ time. When it is gone, it is gone.


Jean Daneel “Signature” Chenin Blanc 2013 Swartland at £ 18.00 per Bottle




Still on the subject of Jean Daneel, we are delighted that Jean-Pierre Daneel and his wife will be joining us for the Château Lafon-Rochet Dinner on Wednesday 13th of April. Though we hosted a Lafon-Rochet Dinner some 5 or so years ago this really is a terrific opportunity. We actually only have circa 15 people committed thus far so we have good space to add to the fray. You’d be mad not to. Aside of 3-4 classic Vintages from Lafite-Rothschild’s northerly neighbour, this will almost certainly be your first look at an actual 2015, the best Bordeaux Vintage in half a decade. And of course we will kick-off with the Daneel white.


Château Lafon-Rochet Dinner

Wednesday 13th of April at 7.45 p.m. at Sally Clarke’s




Finally, last night, breast of duck and calling me obvious I plumped for a Pinot Noir. We are imminently about to run out of the fruit forward Bourgogne Rouge 2013 David Duband. I thus reluctantly tried the 2014. Initially it felt like a cross between the 2006 with its somewhat austere structure and the 2007 with a touch of brittleness about it. The further I got into the bottle however, the more it began to sing. This is classic Bourgogne Rouge: simple; fresh; pretty; uncomplicated; and oh-so slightly backward as Burgundy can be when it gets it right. A textbook demonstration of Pinot Noir. We can get straight Village Burgundy on the shelf at £ 13-15 just like many other Merchants but in truth the examples that we have tried of late are barely half as good as this. Thus our usual standards prevail – a bit more expensive, granted, yet twice as good. Another minor plus is that we are looking at 12.5% abv.


Bourgogne Rouge 2014 David Duband at £ 19.50 per Bottle

Due in shortly to replace the 2013.





Weekly indulgence – 40th Birthday / Anniversary


Baron de Sigognac 1976 Bas Armagnac at £ 109.00 per Bottle

(in its own wooden case)

Tuggy Meyer
Tuggy Meyer