Aussie Elegance




Outside of Margaret River, some of my most favourite Aussie wines emanate from the Adelaide Hills. And regardless of origin I am perhaps most critical of Sauvignon-Blanc over any other instantly recognized grape varietal. So if I sing its praises, you know it’ll be good.


Teusner “Woodside” Sauvignon-Blanc 2013 Adelaide Hills, South Australia at £ 19.00

The polar opposite of Cloudy Bay. Restrained, pure, tight, subtle, lovely white pepper nose. Not just modest in style (no Aussie ‘wife-beater’ top) but modest in alcohol, 12½ % abv.





Our new Monthly “Young Guns” casual Wine Tastings continue next Tuesday:


Tuesday, 3rd June (7.30 p.m.) Champagne Tasting (£ 39.00 per head) including Grande Marque; 1er Cru; Grand Cru; Blanc de Blanc; Vintage…





Weekly indulgence


This German Gin outgunning its London rivals was recently voted No.1 Gin, I felt therefore I had to try it. The straight Gin is very scented, very elegant but overtly floral. However, the Sloe Gin was right up my Strasse.

Not cheap as this is a mere 50cl bottle, certainly a big dollop of Marketing here but bottom line, it is very good indeed. Both the straight and the Vintage Sloe are in stock.


“Monkey 47” Schwarzwald Sloe Gin  2012 Vintage at £ 41.00 (50cl)