Independence Day and Rosé


                          Yesterday was indeed Canada Day. Not quite sure what that entails other than hitting the almighty out of a tiny black-coloured disc on ice or dressing up like Daniel Boone and seeking out a baby seal or Moose or two. However, being the only G8 member, indeed the only G20 member that didn’t need to bail out its Banks, I suppose it would be churlish of us not to allow them a smattering of “out of office” for this one day at least. Moving forward however and continuing the tradition of Americans being a touch after their Canuck cousins, looming large is the 4thy of July and American Independence Day. Personally even though as my ex calls me, a Stinky-Brit (!) this has always been a good reason for me to raise a glass or two. Imagine, a couple of little dints in our Constitution those last 2 Centuries and who knows, the alternative might have been Gordon Brown in The White House. And on a minor detail, brilliant effort by U.S.A. last night against the Bruxelles Sprouts.


We have some of the usual suspects for American wines but one, albeit expensive (thus also ‘weekly indulgence’) but rare little treat is this tiny production (a mere 300 cases of which we get, er, 3 cases!) Californian White:


Donelan “Venus” Roussanne” 2012 Donelan Family Wines, Sonoma County, California at £ 41.00

A modest 12½% abv this is a beautiful, understated, elegant and none surprisingly being Roussanne, loaded with subtle minerality.



“How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!” – Thomas Jefferson

(And one of the few Presidents who really knew a thing or two about wine.)





New shipment just in from the hills of Provence:


Château des Chaberts “Cuvée Prestige” Rosé 2013 at £ 13.00 per Bottle


We have just had nearly 50 cases land in the U.K. and it seems like a few of you are finally cottoning onto this after its introduction last year.

We have a smattering of other Pinks of course but this is the epitome of what this should be, pale coloured, subtle, gentle, elegant, pretty and will hit the spot as the mercury rises.





Our effective House Claret and unequivocally one of our best-sellers is the Château Brande-Bergere “Cuvée O’Byrne” (currently the classic 2009 Vintage). I might have mentioned that their 2012, which was shown at Château Cheval-Blanc a while back and where they were praised with a “better than some of the Cru Classé” judgement, well, they have just picked-up a Silver Medal at the Decanter Awards. Now my first thought was, why not Gold? However, Silver puts it in a category of 90-94 points. That for what is technically a “mere” Bordeaux Supérieur is exceptional. However we have long known they are better than, mere. Denis Dalibot is flying over for the Awards tomorrow. We will make another shipment of the 2009 (Bottles & Magnums) in September and also add our Double Magnums of the 2012.