Malbec from Cahors, and Vintage Port Tasting


I have been searching since last Spring, admittedly not too strenuously, but for a Malbec and one that didn’t burn the back of the throat with 14.5% abv yet feeling like 16%. With Argie family I’d be distinctly happy to fly the flag but in truth I feel like a baby seal at the wrong end of a club. I won’t give up but in the interim, herewith about as gentle a Malbec as you can find. Not surprising therefore that it comes from La Belle France, from Cahors to be precise and with a teeny weenie bit of bottle-age in the guise of 2009. Cahors, often called the black Country with its impenetrable wines but this is somewhat easier on the constitution than the norm. And we do get asked about once in a blue moon…organic and so it is!



«Cuvée Juline» 2009 Domaine de la Bérangeraie, Cahors at £ 14.00 per Bottle

90% Malbec ; 10% Merlot. No oak. Organic.

The only Cahors Estate that still hand harvests.

35 year-old vines. 2,000 cases only.






Vintage Port Tasting (£ 40 a head)


Wednesday 3rd December, 6 p.m. Central London Wine School


Taylor’s 1963 & 1970, Graham’s 1977, maybe a 1955 too.

If you have an hour or two to kill after work, £ 40 for these classics is a must.

Call Mr. Mappleback on 0208-866 9314 if you’d like to join.