Californian Chardonnay (& Burgundies Galore)

Nine different Burgundies due in today alone. New Provence Rosé too. Just swing by if you can.


Not cheap but a truly elegant Californian Chardonnay, Beaune-like dare I say and one rare success from a full two hours tasting 35-40 Californ-i-a’s:


Schug “Carneros, Sonoma” Chardonnay 2014 at £ 28.50 per Bottle

84 Bottles due in tomorrow


Serious Season:


Well, for fifty years I have viewed Kensington as the centre of my World and thus, the true centre of London. I was therefore a little surprised to pick-up an 1888 book of “Kensington, Picturesque & Historical” and find the opening paragraph describes Kensington as “Suburbia”! In it are maps from 1837 and huge swathes of RBK&C were green fields. Pembroke Square stands isolated with Scarsdale Villas etc., not even imagined. 20-30 Houses around Earl’s Court Farm, a few more on Chelsea’s Fulham Road but South Kensington and Knightsbridge below the Park was farmland. The beautiful villas on Addison Road were only on the East side, the opposite of today. ThePhillimore Estate was a mere three fields and Sheffield Terrace to pretty much Holland Street was in isolation, Camden House. Brunswick & PGT etc., was Sheffield House, again in isolation. One local customer whose house is featured in this book is donating to my Charity Swim just to prise this book from my grasp. I will keep the book ‘til mid-next week just in case any locals wish to spy their current address as bricks & mortar or grass & dirt.


That leads me on to my 333 lengths Charity Swim last Sunday. The support was magnificent and just to clarify to two queries (Catherine / Tom), no, this was not achieved on a lilo! We currently have £ 4,706.00 already (plus a further £ 761.50 Gift Aid) from 41 donors and a further 10-15 have pledged circa another £ 1,000. A huge thank you to you. If you happen to give “anonymously” in the Virgin page, at least let me know when you do so I can tick-off those already pledged.  I feel a Huntsworth Party in celebration in June.



            The last few weeks have seen too many losses, both near and far. One of whom was my age exactly. Amongst the several favours, one was to put me in touch with a Cuban gardener by the name Yecel. Thank you Ann. When he came to the U.K. there was a question of Council Housing but his response was, “I have come to this Country, I am not going to take a house, we are going to work, earn, and buy a house”. And indeed he has. Nice guy, great work ethic. As a native of Kensington for half-a-Century plus I do often get asked “do you know a plumber…do you know…”, so if you happen to need a trusty gardener, please do call him. Yecel Acosta (07886 189 382).


Tuggy Meyer