Pardon, France encore....

                       After some tardy shipping schedules I am delighted to say that we are now sufficiently well stocked in the Shop (and more in our Bond) of two of our biggest and most pertinent sellers:


R.& H.Lamotte Premier Cru Champagne (£ 24.50)


Château Des Chaberts “Cuvée Prestige” 2015 Provence Rosé (£ 13.00)



Also back in: Blanton’s “Gold” Kentucky Bourbon & DuPont Calvados.




Weekly indulgence:


R.& H.Lamotte Grand Cru Champagne (£ 45.00)

Previously the Family sold the grapes from this plot to help make Dom Pérignon. Now it goes to make their own Grand Cru. We shipped 120 Bottles. 24 remain.


Single plot in Aÿ.

100% Pinot Noir.

2011 Vintage.

Drinking now but with 10 years ageing potential.

Tuggy Meyer
Tuggy Meyer