This Week's Top Thirty

                          A few days after the U.K. Referendum an Irish drinking buddy from The Churchill Arms opposite said “you’ll be sorry when all those bankers disappear!”. It is not as if I hadn’t given a thought but it did make me draw up a list our top thirty customers and see what their demographic of plying of trade led to. Interesting. An arty bunch you mostly are! Anyway, using that same marker I have taken our top-selling, most appealing, recommended etc., thirty or so wines and am giving you as good a guide as I can as to what has or soon will be raised due to a stronger Euro versus the Pound. Given that I am told, some Merchants, have simply put all their prices up across the board by 10%, I thought this weekly is especially pertinent for Huntsworth to show its colours. I am pleased to say that the damage thus far is limited and by buying forward (more than we have ever done) look to mitigate for as long as possible. As of today, only two wines out of 28 below have been increased thus far.


White wines:


Eusebia 2014 Felines Jourdan, Languedoc – from £ 8.50, now £ 8.95 (but still eminently worth it)


Réserve de Gassac Blanc 2015 Languedoc at £ 10.00 (up 3% to us but price unchanged)


Château Beauchene 2015 Côtes-du-Rhône Blanc at £ 12.50 (hope to maintain)


St-Véran 2014 Cave de Prissé at £ 13.00 (hope to maintain)


Gewürztraminer 2014 Domaine Zind-Humbrecht at £ 16.50 (unchanged ‘til Christmas then up 5%)


Jean Daneel Chenin Blanc 2014 South Africa at £ 17.00 (with 52 cases still in our Bond we can maintain this into next year and this price is already lower than the last 2-3 years)


Kumeu River Chardonnay 2013 New Zealand at £ 19.00 (with a little effort from the Estate we anticipate no increase through Christmas at least)


Sancerre 2014-2015 Comtes Lafond at £ 22.50 (an increase to us but we have just bought 252 bottles of the 2015 so will maintain for a while yet)


Pouilly-Vinzelles “La Soufrandière” 2014 Bret Brothers at £ 23.50 (circa 15 cases and will maintain ‘til exhausted)


Red wines:


Côtes-du-Rhône 2012 É.Guigal at £ 9.50 (an opening offer and currently lowest market price as far as we can see)


Château Brande-Bergère “Cuvée O’Byrne” 2010 at £ 16.00 (with some forward currency for the 200 cases still reserved for us ex Château we will maintain this price well into next year and very likely until exhausted)


Bourgogne Rouge “Vieilli en Fût Chêne” 2014 Nicolas Potel at £ 16.00 (just shipping some more and will maintain price)


Sancerre Rouge 2015 André Dezat, Loire at £  16.50 (to remain unchanged for foreseeable future)


Blaufränkisch 2013 Moric, Austria at £ 17.50 (fractional rise but we’ll maintain historic price)


Urbina Reserva Especial 2001 Rioja at £ 18.50 (37 cases in Bond so price unchanged until exhausted)

Urbina Gran Reserva 1994  Rioja (after two years unchanged) rising from £ 26.00 to £ 27.00


Chianti Classico 2012 Fontodi at £ 19.50 (56 bottles left only, unchanged ‘til exhausted)


Turpino 2010 Querciabella, Tuscany at £ 23.50 (stunning price already and looking to secure a further 144 bottles to maintain that)


Château La Tour de By 2005 Médoc at £ 23.50 (from our ex Château shipment, just a 3-4 cases remain)


Le Cupole 2012 Tuscany at £ 28.00 (circa 50 bottles remaining, unchanged ‘til exhausted)


Palladian Cabernet-Sauvignon 2006 Napa Valley at £ 32.00 (20 cases in our Bond so until exhausted)


Vigno Zamo 2007 Friuli at £ 33.50 (last 18 bottles arrive tomorrow before reviewing the 2008 vintage)


La Rioja Alta “904” Gran Reserva at £ 35.00  (circa 90 bottles remaining, unchanged ‘til exhausted)


Castello di Bolgheri 2011 Tuscany at £ 44.00 (we have 80 bottles remaining and then Pavarotti has emphatically sung!)




Admittedly this will be our toughest area in potential and indeed certain price rises. We will do what we can but some Champagne Houses are working with us.


R.& H.Lamotte Premier Cru & 2006 Vintage at £ 24.50 & 26.00 (200-250 bottles of each, then afterwards, not sure…)


Pierre Gimmonet 2009 at £ 37.00 (a mere 24 bottles, then maybe £ 39.00)


De Venoge Blanc-de-Noirs at £ 42.00 (just taken 72 bottles in today and delighted to say that De Venoge are working with us to maintain current pricing)


Jacquart Le Mesnil Blanc-de-Blancs at £ 47.00 (delighted to say that Jacquart are working with us to maintain current pricing)



So many fabulous things in this week (1982 Bas Armagnac; Double Magnums 2000 & 2005 Bordeaux; 2014 Puligny-Montrachet; Meursault; Corton-Charlemagne & a plethora of other Bordeaux from classic vintages) but this week’s Top Thirty sufficiently long so weekly indulgence and silly season and Tuggy’s Tips, next week!


Tuggy Meyer

Tuggy Meyer
Tuggy Meyer