Wine Dinners etc.

              After listing a whopping 28 wines last week it was no surprise that I had one “please unsubscribe me”. Thus short & sweet this week.


With American Thanksgiving looming (though in about a week’s time the notion of Thanksgiving might change somewhat) I will e-mail American customers with some “fly the flag” options including Kistler Vineyards; Arnot Roberts; Ridge Vineyards; Peter Michael…


Aside of some, seasonal, 2001 Sauternes (bottles & halves), super traditional Rioja 2004; top Californian Chardonnay; more 2003 & 2005 Bordeaux all in this week it is worth reiterating that I have rarely bought with such gusto as these last couple of months so if you can drop by to see the new kids on the block, please do. And to further reiterate just how good the 2015 Brouilly; Sancerre rouge; & Piedmont Nebbiolo (£ 15 to £ 18.50) all are.


Silly Season


Food glorious food this week. Okay, so my bias is towards the vino fino but how many London restaurants would I not want to take my own wine to, Noble Rot, Andrew Edmunds…? That’s a pretty short list. A wee new development for that bastion of tradition and character in the not so seedy backwaters of Soho is the wine trades’ perennial favourite, Andrew Edmunds. Their literary luvvies clearly decamp each weekend and that means the upstairs Club is now open for the weekend. For circa 20-25 people this can now be booked privately, weekends only.


We are a little pushed for wine dinners between now and Christmas so will look to have three in 2017’s first quarter. The first of which will be Wednesday, 18th January at Holland Park’s “Flat Three”. Aside of a planned seven course menu (£ 69.00) we will line-up a Riesling & Pomerol extravaganza. They are incredibly kindly not charging corkage so not to be missed and again I will individually e-mail the usual suspects for our wine dinners. One of the overwhelmingly successful curiosities of our last wine dinner here were genuine (dead) wood ants. And at £ 600 per kilo, no mere frivolity either. This should satiate both the adventurous and the classicists. Again, wine dinners can be booked, privately and individually, just like at Sally Clarke’s so if emboldened, just ask and we will strive to fit.


Lastly Aladino’s on the bend down the hill. I went t’other night and only two other tables were taken. A great shame because the food (or the starters at least – I had three) were all excellent. They have a small corkage charge and kindly even waived it for us. Their effort was commendable, beautifully decanted, great wine glasses. Shame for them in that they really deserve and need to be fuller.


Tuggy Meyer