On the evening of Monday 10th February, we will be auctioning approximately a dozen Australian and other wines which the winning bidder will receive that given wine and duly donate that sum to The Country Fire Authority in Victoria, South Australia.

Lot 1:

Magnum of Nuits St-Georges “La Charmotte” 2013 Par Mark Haisma

Personally donated by Mark Haisma, the larger than life winemaker at Yarra Yering for 9 vintages.

Lot 2:

Magnum of Jim Barry “La Florita” Riesling 2017

An incredibly sexy bottle from Aussie royalty, Jim Barry.

Lot 3:

Bottle of Kaesler The Bogan 2004

What "Bogan" could refuse this gem from one of Australia's greatest ever vintages.

Lot 4:

A bottle of the Armagh Shiraz 2013 Jim Barry, South Australia.

As generously offered by Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Jukes. Jukes being one of our best wine writers for our Southern Hemisphere cousins.

Lot 5:

A Litre bottle of Glenfiddich Special Reserve Single Malt, "Pure Malt", 43%

Gifted by Anthony C.- B. an Aussie customer, neighbour, friend.

Lot 6:

A bottle of Two Hands "Lily's Garden" 2003 McLaren Vale

Another generous gift from Zoran of CWC, a fellow wine merchant.

Lot 7:

A bottle of Yarra Yering, Dry Red Wine No1, Vintage 2017

Henrik L. visited Yarra Yering during the Bush Fires. He returned with this very bottle for me. As such, I'm offering this for auction but the caveat is the successful needs to drink it with me. That might drastically reduce your bid!

Lot 8:

A bottle of Wirra Wirra "Dead Ringer" 2015 Australia

As little Huntsworth is in the top 10 UK customers for Deutz Champagne their Rep (Marcin) has kindly pitched this in.

Lot 9:

Your own Casserole dish for a homemade Fish Pie by The Notting Hill Fish Shop.

Generously donated by Aussie owner Chris D'Sylva.

Lot 10:

A bottle of Old Bastard Shiraz 2006 Kaesler, Barossa Valley

Very kindly donated by Charles & Lulu. 

Lot 11:

A bottle of Amon-Ra 2004 Ben Glaetzer, Barossa Valley

Kindly donated by Mr. & Mrs. Trevor Ambridge.