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We are a classic, truly independent wine merchant that sells wines from across the globe but specialize in Bordeaux and perfectly mature Grand Cru Classé at the most sensible of prices. We are based in the heart of Kensington, just south of Notting Hill Gate and predominantly look after private individuals who simply share our interest and love of good, great and exciting wines.
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Tuggy's Blog

Malbec from Cahors, and Vintage Port Tasting

November 19, 2014

have been searching since last Spring, admittedly not too strenuously, but for a Malbec and one that didn’t burn the back of the throat with 14.5% abv yet feeling like 16%. With Argie family I’d be distinctly happy to fly the flag but in truth I feel like a baby seal at the wrong end of a club. I won’t give up but in the interim, herewith about as gentle a Malbec as.....

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Weekly Wine....

November 19, 2014

On the aforementioned subject of ditching, temporarily or otherwise, an ensuing and deemed inferior Vintage, we have had to make an adjustment on our most popular Oregon Pinot Noir. Selling-out recently of the 2011 we decided not to take on the much hotter example in 2012. That has forced us into taking the more expensive but thus higher Cuvée (Dundee Hills) to remain with the classic 2011.


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Spanish Whites....

November 19, 2014

With the mercury rising today & tomorrow of course the usual Provence Rosé suspects apply and indeed we even have Magnums of Château St-Baillon in the fridge in anticipation. However, my weekly rant begins not with thinking pink but with Spain and a fabulous summer white that I tried just yesterday. From the Penedès region, just abutting Barcelona, this deft white from a Family Estate since 1497 is a real delight.


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Independence Day and Rosé

November 19, 2014

Yesterday was indeed Canada Day. Not quite sure what that entails other than hitting the almighty out of a tiny black-coloured disc on ice or dressing up like Daniel Boone and seeking out a baby seal or Moose or two. However, being the only G8 member, indeed the only G20 member that didn’t need to bail out its Banks, I suppose it would be churlish of us not to allow them a smattering of “out of office” for this one day at least. Moving forward however and continuing the tradition of Americans being a touch after their Canuck cousins, looming large is the 4thy of July and American Independence Day

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