Charity Page

Tuggy & Archie 500 + 500 lengths swimming charity effort, on (hopefully) Monday 30th May, 2022.

Sadly with the Covid situation, together with the extraordinary erosion of time (and money) spent upon our almost 3 year court case against London City Bond, I have thus neglected my more usual and regular charity commitments. Even more sadly, the last year has seen the loss of more than a few very good friends and some or all have had direct or indirect links with mutual charities over previous years. It is exactly two and a half years since my last charity swim, so a little overdue for this latest venture.

NOTE: I fully appreciate that you may well, likely even, have existing and other charitable contributions of your own, especially with the Ukraine situation right now. If so, no pressure to read any further. If however you still have a few schillings in the purse, please continue.


1) Catching Lives - We have raised thousands already for this Canterbury-based homeless charity (thank you!) but tragically both my contacts in Leigh Claridge and James Duff died earlier this year. James, I took to Lord's in 2018 and Leigh guided us through almost every Bordeaux trip these last 15+ years, so if you have had an Angludet or Palmer from us, he likely had a hand in that. As such I feel compelled to be able to still contribute to their preferred causes. 

2) The Lord Mayor's Appeal - Last year also saw the loss of Huntworth's co-founder and best friend of 43 years, Paul Constantinidi. I owe him so much and so this is for him. During his illness he lost his hair and I made him a promise that when I one day raised some funds for his nominated charity I would completely shave my head. Which might of course which be an added incentive for some of you to dig deeper in the pocket. 


3) Global Action - Immediately after his exams, Archie flies to Nepal (July) where he will begin helping building schools and clean water systems. A good education for him and hopefully he will have some tangible input.

There are some limitations with charity websites, mostly struggling with more than one or two charities and some charging a small percentage in fees. I therefore propose that any large donations (£200 or more) will go directly to Catching Lives or The Lord Mayor's Appeal (bank details to follow or upon request). These will be subject to the usual U.K. tax relief. For smaller sums (like I already received some in cash) they can be paid to my account and the tax relief is not technically available so I will of my own accord add 25% to those smaller sums and equally divide to these three charities.


Charity swim aside, on the 31st March 2021, Archie & I gave £5,000 to the The Brompton Foundation and the Dr. J. Clague Research Fund (pictures on  Instagram: Huntsworth_Wine Instagram of that date). So too for Catching Lives a little earlier (date to follow) and Global Action which has also had contributions (dates and amounts to follow). So I will strive to make an equitable split to all three balancing your direct and my direct and indirect payments with no fees or missing tax relief albeit by me.

Monies of course would be terrific but I already have several items to Auction as well, or instead. These include Meissen Porcelain; 17th century engravings; various wines; and a Martin Johnson signed England Rugby shirt. So if you don't want to part with ready cash but you might have something interesting gathering dust in the cupboard by all means feel free to offer that or bid on those instead. Details and pictures to follow:

Lot A) A framed and signed Martin Johnson (large) England Rugby shirt. (Thank you Mark G.)

Lot B) A small 18th Meissen Porcelain dish. (Thank you Mr. & Mrs. John M.)

Lot C) Early 17th century engraving by Jean Morin titled "Le Bouvier Assis". Provenance, Christopher Méndez, Jermyn Street.

Lot D) Another 17th century engraving by Jean Morin titled "Avec privilège Du Roi". Provenance, Christopher Méndez, Jermyn Street.

Lot E) A collection of some dozens (but many foxed) 19th century print of classical locations from Egypt and Arabia.

Lot F) "Great British Wine Accessories 1550-1900" by Robin Butler, boxed coffee table book.

Lot G) Ditto, additional copy.

... Other items to follow.